• Bike Trackday Events
  • Bike Trackday Events

First Time Reverse Direction Night

This is the perfect introduction to track riding in Reverse Direction! 

Take your own bike on our famous track with like-minded riders in a safe and comfortable environment. Our experienced track team are on hand in the pit lane and on track to help you make the transition from road to track!

For 'first timers' and those who are new to track riding in Reverse Direction

Registration starts at 5pm with the safety briefing at 5.45pm. Track time is live (open session) from 6pm - 8pm.  2hours of non-stop action. Pre-booking is advised as this type of trackday normally sells out. Track time is £90 in advance or £100 on the day.

Trackday: Bike Trackday (Reverse)
Date: Tue 17th Jul
Times: 6pm - 8pm
Track Fee: £90 in advance or £100 on the day

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For 'first timers' and those who are new to track riding in Reverse Direction

At Knockhill Racing Circuit we take pride in ensuring everyone has an enjoyable experience on track in a safe manner.  All of our trackdays run to a national code of practice operated by all recognised ACU / SACU approved racing circuits and we are founder members of the Association of Trackday Organisers.

Listed below we have a list of the frequently asked questions and safety regulations.   Our team are always on hand to help on the day or prior to your visit please give us a call with any questions.

All riders must hold one of the following licences and comply with the relevant regulations in order to take part in a track day: DVLA road licence- must be a fully unrestricted (not provisional) valid driving licence issued by the DVLA (or the equivalent foreign licensing authority in the rider's country of residence) with the appropriate motorcycle category clearly indicated. An SACU or ACU race licence.  Race licence holders aged 17 may participate on a motorcycle they are permitted to race as per the (S)ACU regulations (400cc).  Licence holders under the age of 17 cannot participate in trackdays.

No licence = No riding.  If you do forget to bring your licence, or if your licence has expired, we can call the DVLA to check you hold a valid licence for a fee of £10.  Please note this can only be done up to 5.30pm and not on a Sunday.

All riders must wear full leathers, or a 2-piece leather suit which zips fully together, as well as helmet, boots & gloves. All helmets must have the gold ACU approved stamp. We do recommend leathers as the best protective equipment for use on track, however some Kevlar/Textile suits approved by the EU are allowed, if 2-piece they must fully zip together.  Back protectors are recommended.  All equipment must be in good condition and fit for purpose.  Our team reserve the right to inspect equipment and refuse access to track should it not meet the minimum safety requirements.

Any filming equipment must be secured to the motorcycle using the appropriate bracket designed for that purpose.  Cameras or brackets are NOT permitted on the motorcycle tank, on a helmet and on your body or attached to leathers.

Any bike over 400cc can be used on a trackday.  If it is a road bike it must conform to MOT minimum standards for road use or if it is a track or race bike it should meet the safety regulations of the governing body.  All motorcycles should be in good condition and suitable for its intended use on the track.  It is your duty to ensure that the motorcycle remains in this condition for the duration of the activity.  If you have a rear brake light this must be in working order.  

Most insurance policies do not cover your vehicle for track use.  You should check your policy with your insurer. 

Registration will normally take place in Kinnairds Restaurant approximately 1 hour prior to the start of the trackday.  You will be asked to complete and sign an indemnity form and produce your licence.

All riders must attend a safety briefing, at registration you will be advised of the time and location.  Normally the briefing takes place 30 minutes prior to the start of the trackday.  In addition there is a separate briefing for any first time participants.  It is important everyone attends the safety briefing, even if you are a regular participant.

Proceed to the pitlane, you can use the pitlane garages as a base for the day and can store your equipment and paddock stands.  Or if you prefer you can remain in the paddock area and listen out for paddock announcements.  

For reverse direction trackdays the pitlane is accessed via the roadway between the Scotsman business centre and the medical centre.  This different pitlane access will be clearly sign posted.  Turn right into the pitlane and proceed along the pitlane in the reverse direction (anti clockwise).  If you are based in the pitlane garages the direction and exit lane will be clearly marked.  The circuit controller will advise when your session is due on track and give you advance notice to prepare and be ready for the session start. 

You will then have your wrist band checked by the circuit controller and be released onto the circuit. 

Remember to exit the pitlane in a safe manner as described in your briefing, start off slow and build up your pace up throughout the day.

All bike trackdays will have sighting laps in your first session - this is your opportunity to experience each corner behind a pace car at a reduced speed, note the marshal posts and circuit conditions.

If the trackday is running in sessions the groups will be on track in 15 minute intervals on rotation, with the Novice session normally first on track.

Circuit Entry: Gates open from 8.00am

Cancellations and Non-Attendance:  If for any reason you are unable to attend your chosen date, we will accept one change to an alternative date provided you give us 3 full days notice by telephone.  Cancellations made after this period will incur a 50% additional re-booking charge.  Non-attendance will forefit your booking.  No refunds will be made.

Noise Limit: Knockhill Racing Circuit has a noise limit of 105db. 

Refreshments: Kinnairds restaurant will be open and available for both hot and cold food and drink during your visit to Knockhill.

Fuel: Please be aware that we are unable to sell you fuel for your bike, please ensure that you purchase fuel on route to the circuit.

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