Bike Racing

To obtain an SACU Race Licence you first have to join an SACU affiliated club. You can join Knockhill Motor Sports Club for £20. You can join online by registering your details at You will create your profile and then go to ‘buy membership. When you have joined the club you will then apply for an SACU Licence online

The SACU will then invite you to sit your test at Knockhill, the first test day will be confirmed by the SACU. If you are successful you will be issued with your licence on the day.

We recommend that you take part in some Knockhill Bike Trackdays to familiarise yourself with being on track. There are lots of trackdays to choose from – check out www.knockhill .com. Also, talk to the competitors, ask them for advice, they are all really friendly and will help you out with any questions you have! (Please note trackdays are for over 17s only).

When you have your licence you can enter the race meeting online (using your Alpha Timing Log in). You will be allocated a race number for your bike in the specific class you have entered.

KMSC run the following classes: KMSC Superbike & Clubman / KMSC Formula 600s / KMSC 125s/ KMSC Pre Injection 600 / KMSC Lightweights / KMSC Open Classics / KMSC CB500s

You will also need a race transponder (you can hire these on race weekends for £30 or buy your own).

If you have any questions please do get in touch! KMSC Club Contact Details - - 01383 723 337

Car Racing

Car racing with the SMRC has never been stronger in terms of numbers on the grid, close racing and variety of cars. It’s great fun, can be inexpensive if you choose the car and class you race in wisely. By far the best thing to do is speak to an expert within the class that interests you, come along to a race meeting and watch the action, chat to the drivers themselves and take advice on which car to buy.

Class contacts for any information are:

Celtic Speed Scottish Mini Cooper Cup Malcolm McNab
Scottish C1 Cup John Duncan
Scottish Classics Sports and Saloons Jimmy Crow
Scottish Fiesta & Hot Hatch Championship Hamish Smart
Scottish Formula Ford 1600 Championship Neil Broome
Scottish Legends Cars Championship Andrew Donald
Scottish Mini Cooper S Cup Paul Wilson
Scottish Saloons and Sports Car Championship Andrew Paterson

Car Racing in Scotland is organised by the Scottish Motor Racing Club (SMRC) who host around seven one day meetings a year at Knockhill. To join the club look up and download an application form.

Knockhill has been appointed as the sole venue in Scotland to administer the ARDS assessment course which must be completed before applying for your competition licence. To start car racing it is relatively easy but there are procedures to follow. You can also obtain a Starter Pack from Knockhill (01383 723337) or direct from the MSA. Study the contents, watch the DVD then go for a medical. After your medical, phone Knockhill and book a date for your ARDS Test (total cost including pack and 1st years license is £325). This is a theory and a practical test, which, one passed, you get your race licence for competing at Club level.


There is also Go Motorsport, an MSA scheme to encourage more interested people to become a marshal, become an official, start in any form of motorsport from auto testing to racing or find out more about the motorsport industry -