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Choice 2 Gift Voucher

Normal Price: £175 - SAVE £25

This is gift giving at its best; our top value choice voucher presents a range of exciting experience options with maximum driving time. This versatile selection includes: exiting race and rally experiences and quick and quirky Legends. This is a gift they will appreciate and cherish. You buy the gift and they can choose one of these fabulous experiences.

Get on track in a variety of race car combinations, go rallying with a skid pan visit, choose a shiny red Ferrari F430 or take to the famous tarmac on your own bike, the choice is theirs. Dependent on the experience chosen, you can come along on weekdays and weekend days.

5 Experience Choices

  • Formula Race Car Experience
  • Rally Experience
  • Legends Experience
  • Ultimate Passenger Thrill
  • Performance Driving Course

Bonus Gift: FREE £10 Karting Voucher

SAVE £25

Choice 2
Gift Voucher

Choose from:
Formula Race Car Experience
Rally Experience
Legends Experience
Ultimate Passenger Thrill
Performance Driving Course


Weekdays Only

Valid 6 months

Full Package Price: £175

#Genuine Offer from Scotland's ONLY FIA and MSA approved racing venue.

Rally Driving Experience
Ultimate Drivers Experience
Ferrari Experience

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Formula Race Car

The excitement begins as you climb into the cockpit of the Formula Race Car and take a seat just inches above the tarmac. With a light body, the power to weight ratio is awesome. A long wheel base offers stable cornering in all weathers; the 1.8 litre, 16 valve mid-engine allows for speeds in excess of 100 mph.

0 - 60mph

in 5 secs

Rear Wheel Drive


4 speed

Manual Transmission


Top Speed

Single Seater

Ford Fiesta Zetec Rally Car

Ford Fiesta Zetec Rally Car

Custom built full rally specification Fiesta Zetec's Rally cars boast 150bhp powering you through the challenges of the hillside rally stage with ease. They have fully-featured roll-cages and safety harnesses and a hydraulic handbrake to help with all those tight twists and turns bringing your rally experience to life.

0 - 60mph

in 7.5 secs

Front Wheel Drive


5 speed

Manual Transmission


Top Speed

Legends Race Cars

Legends body shells are 5/8-scale replicas of American automobiles from the 1930, powered by a Yamaha motorcycle engine. These rear wheel drive ‘pocket rockets’ have quick steering and with their light body’s allow for a good power to weight ratio providing an exciting experience to remember.

0 - 60mph

in 4.5 secs

Rear Wheel Drive


Bike Engine

Manual Transmission


Top Speed

Single Seater

Knockhill Racing Circuit

The Track

Knockhill Racing Circuit is Scotland’s only approved MSA and FIA Internationally graded Circuit and is famous for hosting major televised motorsport events such as the British Touring Car and the British Superbike Championships.

Rally Stage

The rally stage is approximately one mile long and is versatile enough to be driven in both directions. The stage is frequently host to prestigious National rally events such as the Motorsport News Circuit Rally Championship; attracting top calibre rally cars and competitors.

Skid Pan

The skid pan was built in 1997 and since opening has helped our customers regain to their confidence after an accident or simply given them valuable knowledge on how to handle their car if something goes wrong. The skid pan is a safe and enclosed area coated with a special smooth tarmac surface; adding a recirculating water supply creates the ‘Slippery’ surface allowing a skid to be induced with ease. In 2007 we introduced the Brake and Avoidance Lane allowing further development of a vital part of skid correction training.

Karting Track

500 metres long and 9 metres wide, fully floodlit and operating all year round. Fast straights and tricky twists and turns make for exciting racing with plentiful overtaking opportunities and the latest lap timing technology.

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