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Teen Drive & Teen Drive 2

Normal Price: £185 - SAVE £49

No more unwanted gifts that BORE! Give the gadgets a rest and watch them get animated as they take the first steps on their driving journey. Everything about Knockhill Racing Circuit was especially created for driving. This makes our unique venue the obvious choice for young drivers to take that first tentative step to getting behind the wheel. Exclusively for drivers aged 13 to 17 years old.

Teen Drive

Our team of instructors love to get the most out of their teenage students by building confidence slowly and progressively - Full Price £99

Introductory driving sessions, Road Safety and Commentary Drive, Progressive driving sessions, Group Karting Event, Debrief, driver assessment, awards and certificates.

visiting time approx. 4 hours

Teen Drive 2

Our young drivers enjoy teen drive so much that they want to return for more! - Full Price £135

Refresher Driving Session, Progressive Learning, Driving on Scotland’s Only FIA & MSA Accredited Race Circuit, Gears and Manoeuvre, Real Road Scenario

Visiting time approx. 2 hours

Two separate visits to Knockhill Racing Circuit required. For 13-17 year olds.

SAVE £49

Teen Drive &
Teen Drive 2

Includes: Full Teen Drive Experience
Full Teen Drive 2 Experience


Valid 6 months

Full Package Price: £234

#Genuine Offer from Scotland's ONLY FIA and MSA approved racing venue.

Teen Drive Experience
Teen Drive Experience
Teen Drive Experience

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Ferrari F430 Coupe

Teen Drive Cars

Our dual-control cars are ultra-reliable Ford Fiesta models that have been individually adapted to add manual dual controls. This allows our instructors the confidence to help out in any tricky situations. True to road driving, this is the ideal type of car we would expect our students to begin their driving journey in.

5 Speed

Manual Transmission

Front Wheel Drive

Dual Controls

4 Door Saloon

Knockhill Racing Circuit

The Track

Knockhill Racing Circuit is Scotland’s only approved MSA and FIA Internationally graded Circuit and is famous for hosting major televised motorsport events such as the British Touring Car and the British Superbike Championships.

Teen Driving

The Teen Drive experience utilises many areas within our versatile venue. Students begin their debut driving experience within the safe boundaries of a large and enclosed tarmac paddock. A private network of roadways and our 1 mile long tarmac rally stage allows our young drivers the freedom to progress and practice their new found skills. A fun karting finale takes place on our 500 metre outdoor karting track.

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