Maserati Family Chauffeur Prize Ride at MotorFair

Visitors to this years Scottish MotorFair could be in for a real treat as lucky prize winners each day will have the experience of a lifetime, living the high life, courtesy of Maserati Chauffeur Drive. Gordon from the Company said the following;

“I will bring a Maserati Quattroporte and  we will do the prize draw then drive a family round the track at chauffeur speed. We could do the draw for each day, and I will give the parents a glass of our Italian champagne, as well as a box of our hand made chocolates!” Stuart Gray from Knockhill said ” This will be one of the slowest laps round the Circuit but certainly one of the classiest!”

Entries will be taken each day on the Chauffeur Drive Stand and the drive will take place mid afternoon eachday.

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