Knockhill offers a free day at the races for families of Woodmill High School pupils

After the disastrous fire at Woodmill High School in Dunfermline at the weekend, the team at Knockhill Racing Circuit located just 4 miles north of the School are offering a bit of respite from all the hassles and upheaval being endured by the 1400 families with the closure of the School.

The offer applies to three separate event days at the Scottish Championship Car Racing this Sunday 1st September, Super Lap Scotland car racing on Saturday 7th and Scottish Championship bike racing on Saturday 28th September. If a family comes along and shows a Woodmill High School tie to the gate staff they will all get in for free to enjoy a day at the races.

Stuart Gray, Knockhill Director of Events said “The fire has such an effect on so many families in the local area that we want to give them a day out on us to take their minds off all the upheaval they are going through. By offering the three events in September starting this Sunday and going all the way to the last Saturday of the month, families can choose one, two or even all three to pop up and enjoy the events on us. We hope they will remember September as a “Super September” with visits to Knockhill rather than the “Awful August” that they are going through at the moment”.

All three events have track action between 9am and 5pm and
families can watch the racing for a few hours, half a day or even the whole day
if they wish. For full details about each of the events, families should check