Last Minute Deals

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Last Minute Deals

Some of the most exciting experiences involve picking up a bargain and benefitting from last minute opportunities! If you find yourself with a window of availability or are looking to take to the track within the next couple of weeks then you could find yourself in the driver’s seat for a whirlwind experience without breaking the bank!

Have a look at these amazing last minute deals! All our listed deals are full experiences purchased directly with Scotland’s National Motorsport Centre! There may be just one or two spaces available , so please be quick to call us and secure a thrilling experience at a bargain price!

We are available by telephone 7 days a week from 9am – 5pm!

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Skid Control Course - £99.00 (Save £30.00)

Date: Thu 25th May, 2017 Time: 9.30

Places Available: 2

Potentially lifesaving and a lot of fun!Whether you have just passed your test or been driving for many years you never know when you may be in a situation when your car starts to skid. Driving on a skid-pan is the only safe way to understand and feel a car at and beyond its limits, and it’s also great fun! These new skills will help you when driving in wet road conditions, skidding on black ice or even aquaplaning.

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Ultimate Passenger Thrill Rides - £135.00 (Save £30.00)

Date: Thu 25th May, 2017 Time: 3pm

Places Available: 4

This is the Ultimate thrill ride! Belts on! Sit tight! Get ready for take-off! You have an enviable seat in First Class! Our expert racing drivers will take you screaming around our famous international racing circuit and hillside rally stage in over a quarter million pounds worth of sports cars! You will feel like a true superstar in our Ferrari F430 Coupe, F1 style racing car and a rapid ford focus rally car. An ideal experience for both drivers and non-drivers alike.

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Aston Martin - £169.00 (Save £30.00)

Date: Thu 25th May, 2017 Time: 9.30am

Places Available: 1

The beautiful Aston Martin V8 Vantage has an abundance of power and seductive movie-star looks. It's fast, forgiving and has an incredible sound; often described as the pride of British Engineering and we know why! This supercar is spectacular to drive round our famous international circuit; take each twisting corner with increasing speed, mind blowing power, confidence and ease.

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Rally Experience - £165.00 (Save £30.00)

Date: Sat 27th May, 2017 Time: 2pm

Places Available: 5

Let us teach you the art of driving sideyways! It’s time to forget everything you think you already know about driving; straight lines are boring and definitely not allowed out on our purpose built hillside rally stage. Our expert team of Rally instructors are ready and waiting with some brand new driving skills including over-steer, weight transfer and handbrake turns. Hang on to your hat and watch the grit fly!

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