Accessing and exiting Knockhill this weekend – Your Parking Guide

We are all gearing up for what promises to be another amazing weekend of bike racing with the MCE British Superbikes Championship. Since last year, we have invested heavily in improving the entry and exit process to the venue, including a land purchase, creating new roads and hiring in additional experienced team members and stewards. This is a major event for us and for Scotland, so it important to follow the instructions of the stewards and we will get you in and out of the venue as quickly as we can. REMEMBER, there is the after event live music and track walk – so don’t rush back to your car or bike, enjoy the Blondie Tribute Band and your chance to walk the 1.3 miles of Knockhill, just moments after the stars have finished racing. See the last image here for the whole site and the naming of each of the corners.

The following should help you with your travel plans;



The two main bike park are located at the Main Straight / Skid Pan area and between the Arnold Clark Chicane and Clark’s Corner as seen above. All bikes enter via the main drive, turn left up to our Main Gate to purchase tickets, left again and head passed the karting centre. Please follow the directions of stewards, and park as directed near the skid centre; once this section is full the remaining bikes will proceed to the chicane to park in the area above. Bring your own puck if you have one, we have a limited supply on site. ALL BIKES then leave passed the white cottage at the back of Duffus Dip (turn 1) on to the A823 and turn right – this is important for traffic management and you will be released in batches by the traffic lights. (See venue map at the end of this article).

Cars from the West and North


Please proceed up the main drive to the gates at the hairpin for ticket purchases. Drive on our new two lane road at the top of the picture above around the back of our new hairpin banking. There is no parking here and it important to keep clear at all times. Once around the new loop, follow directions of the stewards to get parked on the hillside (as below), note – where you will get parked depends upon your arrival time. The area where the white structure is the main trade and Knockhill hospitality area (no parking available here)


Cars from East and South

Travelling towards the track from the Dunfermline / M90 Junction 4 side, you will be entering the gate at Scotsman (formerly McIntyres) Gate and turning sharply down hill to the pay gates. Then proceed 750m beyond the bike park to park at the Arnold Clark Chicane and then on the hillside beyond Clark’s Corner. Please only park in the designated areas, it is important to leave access around the venue for emergency vehicle and spectators leaving throughout the day. It is also important to follow the same route-out as you came-in, to exit at Scotsman Corner, following the guidance of the traffic lights on to the A823


Shaw’s Field


Should you be sent to Shaw’s Field mainly used as an overflow should the other zone fill up. Please enter as directed and point your vehicle down the field towards the main road. The exit is located on the right-hand side and this will take you through the Knockhill 4×4 area and back onto the main drive where you can exit as normal. Please use this one way system to avoid blocking the entry/exit points.

The overall map below shows you the layout of the venue as a whole and the names of each of the corners. Remember not to rush to leave and enjoy our after event music and track walk, both are free!

BSB map

Look forward to welcoming you to Knockhill tomorrow!