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Classic Sports Car Club Racing

New event for 2021


Sat 3 Jul

Gates open
First race

Sun 4 Jul

Gates open
First race

Knockhill is delighted to be hosting a brand new event for 2021 with the Classic Sports Car Club (CSCC) for a bumper weekend of exciting racing featuring iconic race cars spanning multiple decades.

Event Summary

The Classic Sports Car Club is visiting Knockhill for the very first time on 3rd and 4th July. It is bringing nine of its race series to race anti-clockwise on Saturday and clockwise on Sunday, with 30 minute pit-stop races featuring heavily. Despite the club’s name, it has as many categories for modern cars as it does for classics. The CSCC will welcome local guests to join the racing grids wherever possible. It’s an impressive event featuring one of the largest paddocks we’ve ever hosted with cars and drivers making their first appearance at Knockhill. With many classes venturing onto the Knockhill tarmac for the first time, its sure to be thrilling weekend for drivers and fans alike. 

Event Info

With a mixture of Classic and mordern Tin-Top racing classes, this event will be perfect for race fans of all ages. The Classic Sports Car Club brings no less than nine of its twelve registered championshios north of the border for a weekend of race action on the two track configurations of Knockhill.

With many of these classes coming to Knockhill for the first time, the drivers will be posed with the challenge of mastering not only the Knockhill Reverse Circuit but the traditional clockwise track on the same weekend. Expect to see bumper grids in what is expected to be one of the biggest race entries of the season when the CSCC come calling.



Adams & Page Swinging Sixties - The CSCC’s very first race series, catering for modified sixties models running on sticky Yokohama tyres, expect Mini’s and Midget’s to take the fight to Elan’s and E-type’s.

Mintex Classic K - Pre-1966 models running to FIA Appendix K. This means that cars are running to a specification that they raced in the period, on Dunlop historic cross-ply tyres. MGB’s, TVR Grantura, Lotus Cortina and Ford Mustang will be out in force.

Advantage Motorsport Future Classics - ‘Future’ classics was the right name for the series when it started around 15 years ago, but all of these 1970’s and 1980’s models are firmly into ‘proper’ classic territory now. Triumph Dolomite, Nissan Skyline, Porsche 911 and BMW E30 are just a few of these wonderful machines that take part in separate groups and classes dividing the decades.

• Cartek Motorsport Modern Classics - Many of these 1990’s models also fall into the territory of true classics now, with prices and collectability having risen in recent years. E36 BMW M3’s are often the cars to beat, but the tight nature of Knockhill could see a more nimble model come to the fore, such as the original S1 Lotus Elise, or perhaps a TVR Tuscan or 911 Turbo.

Liqui Moly New Millennium - One of the CSCC’s contemporary series, as the title suggests it’s for cars from 2000 to present day. The rules allow a little more freedom when it comes to silhouette, so expect wings and splitters to sprout from the cars. BMW M3’s are a popular and rapid choice, with modern Lotus Europa, Corvette C5 and C6, as well as fwd hatches all capable of class and overall wins.

Motorsports School Turbo Tin Tops - A series for forced induction, front wheel drive cars, with many of today’s popular road models dicing for victory. In addition to the MINI, Astra, Scirocco and Fiat 500 that you might expect, there is also a class for the unusual, rotary Mazda RX-8, in road legal trim.

Co-ordSport Tin Top - A hugely popular series for normally aspirated, up to 2 litre hatchback and saloon cars. Now an extinct breed, some of these cars such as early VW Golf and Peugeot 106 have one foot firmly in classic territory, with Civic Type R and Ford Fiesta destined to join them.

Verum Builders Open Series - Open to pretty much all cars except Seven’s, Single Seater’s and Sports Racer’s. Over the years this has been particularly popular with owners who have transplanted engines into their cars, for example a Honda-engined Lotus Elise, modern Duratec engine into an Escort mk1 or how about a BMW motorbike engined Citroen 2CV? This series is often used as an additional race for those drivers looking for more track time.

Gold Arts Magnificent Sevens - These cars are almost certain to be the fastest across both days, if conditions remain dry. This brings together Caterham, Westfield, Tiger, MK and many other Seven type cars, that were spawned from the original Lotus Seven design. Light and nimble with a high power to weight they will rocket around the circuit, expect some air time over the kerbs!


Classic Sports Car Club Racing

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Whats On

• Adams & Page Swinging Sixties


• Mintex Classic K


• Advantage Motorsport Future Classics


Cartek Motorsport Modern Classics


• Liqui Moly New Millennium


• Motorsports School Turbo Tin Tops


• Co-ordSport Tin Top


• Verum Builders Open Series


• Gold Arts Magnificent Sevens

Event Disclaimer

Please remember that Knockhill is an outdoor venue and you should dress appropriately for that. There can be changeable weather conditions therefore extra clothing and sensible footwear is advised, with trainer type shoes or walking boots preferred (no leather soles or high heels please).

Being on a hillside, the spectator bankings and some pathways are steep, so please take extra care when moving around the site. As we are a motorsport venue, no dogs are allowed on site apart from Guide Dogs. Additional clothing, hats, gloves and sun cream can be purchased from the Circuit Office should you require. We look forward to seeing you at Knockhill and very much hope you enjoy your visit.

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