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Car Racing

Car racing with the SMRC has never been stronger in terms of numbers on the grid, close racing and variety of cars. It’s great fun, can be inexpensive if you choose the car and class you race in wisely. By far the best thing to do is speak to an expert within the class that interests you, come along to a race meeting and watch the action, chat to the drivers themselves and take advice on which car to buy.

Class contacts for any information are:

Celtic Speed Scottish Mini Cooper Cup Malcolm McNab minis@smrc.co.uk
Scottish C1 Cup John Duncan c1cup@smrc.co.uk
Scottish Classics Sports and Saloons Jimmy Crow classics@smrc.co.uk
Scottish Fiesta & Hot Hatch Championship Hamish Smart fiestas@smrc.co.uk
Scottish Formula Ford 1600 Championship Neil Broome formulaford@smrc.co.uk
Scottish Legends Cars Championship Andrew Donald legends@smrc.co.uk
Scottish Mini Cooper S Cup Paul Wilson r53@smrc.co.uk
Scottish Saloons and Sports Car Championship Andrew Paterson sports.saloons@smrc.co.uk

Car Racing in Scotland is organised by the Scottish Motor Racing Club (SMRC) who host around seven one day meetings a year at Knockhill. To join the club look up www.smrc.co.uk and download an application form.

Knockhill has been appointed as the sole venue in Scotland to administer the ARDS assessment course which must be completed before applying for your competition licence. To start car racing it is relatively easy but there are procedures to follow. You can also obtain a Starter Pack from Knockhill (01383 723337) or direct from the MSA. Study the contents, watch the DVD then go for a medical. After your medical, phone Knockhill and book a date for your ARDS Test (total cost including pack and 1st years license is £325). This is a theory and a practical test, which, one passed, you get your race licence for competing at Club level.


There is also Go Motorsport, an MSA scheme to encourage more interested people to become a marshal, become an official, start in any form of motorsport from auto testing to racing or find out more about the motorsport industry - www.gomotorsport.net.

Motorcycle Racing

The first thing you need to do is join an ACU/SACU affiliated Club. This allows you to obtain the necessary form to apply for your Road Race licence. For racing at Knockhill events, you can join the Knockhill Motor Sports Club for £20.

When you get your licence you will also received a copy of the current ACU rulebook. This is a very important document that contains all the relevant rules and regulations. The Road Race Section outlines what specifically you need to do to ensure your machine complies with the regulations for your class and the required standard for protective clothing (leathers, boots, gloves, helmet etc). In addition, you should also read the General Information pertaining to all disciplines as well as the Sporting Code.

The main contacts for the Knockhill Club is Gemma on gemma@knockhill.co.uk or phone 01383 723337.

How to start Rally Driving

Knockhill has been appointed the sole venue in Scotland to administer the compulsory new BARS stage rallying assessment course. Those wishing to go stage rallying in the UK must now undertake a compulsory 2.5 hour assessment course at any one of 10 approved British Association of Rally School venues.

The format is as follows: Drivers must obtain a starter pack from Knockhill or the MSA direct. After reading the appropriate sections of the rule book and watching the enclosed DVD, phone the booking office at Knockhill and book yourself into a date. The course consists of an introductory session, multiple choice written test and a practical in-car test. Assuming both sections are passed, the application form is stamped and returned to the MSA. (total cost including pack and 1st years license is £325). Please phone 01383 720044 for availability and course dates.

Ecosse 205 Challenge

The primary goal of the Championship will be to provide a controlled and level playing field where the stars of the future can be nurtured and the stars of the present and past can have a play without braking the bank!

For more information look on the website: www.ecosse205challenge.co.uk or contact the co-ordinator David Barlow on 01577 862670

R U 14 – 17 years of age and interested in rallying?

Junior Ecosse Challenge is the hugely popular Junior 1000 Rally Championship run in England and Wales by the Formula 1000 Rally Club and will be coming to Scotland in 2012.

Young people in the age group 14 to 17 will be able to compete in rally prepared 1000cc rally cars on a selection of specially structured stage rally events in Scotland. For more information see www.ecosse205challenge.co.uk.

Basic rules are:

  • Drivers must be between 14 and 17 year old and a minimum height of 1.4m
  • Drivers must complete a structured training programme before they will be granted a Competition Licence.
  • Cars have to be standard 1000cc models from any manufacturer with mandatory safety modifications. No tuning is allowed.
  • Co-drivers must be over 21 years of age and hold a Stage Rally National A or above Competition Licence.
  • The competitors will be held at selected venues where special single venue style events will be organised. Juniors will not compete on any current events but may run alongside them.

Useful Contacts and Links:

Governing Bodies Organising Clubs in Scotland
Bike Racing Scottish Auto Cycle Union
01506 858354

Knockhill Motor Sport Club

Melville Motor Club

Car Racing Motorsports Association
+44 (0)1753 765000

Graham Brunton
Competition Secretary
T. 01383 720046 (daytime)
E. g.brunton@smrc-uk.com

Scottish Motor Racing Club

Rallying Motorsports Association
+44 (0)1753 765000

RSAC Motorsport

Saltire Rally Club

David Barlow - 07768 837927 Ecosse 205 Challenge


Graham Murray
07835 656341

Glenrothes Car Club

Motorsports Association
+44 (0)1753 765000

Scottish Karting

West of Scotland Kart Club

East of Scotland Kart Club

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Motorsport Events

Whether you’re a 2wheel or 4wheel fan, a motor racing event at Knockhill will surely whet the appetite. Those wanting to be a bit closer to the action, our popular Hot Hatch Car trackdays are run thoughout the year and offer you the opportunity to get onto the Fife race track to experience the twists and dips, first hand. With a diverse range of motorsport events happening at Knockhill this year, we’re confident there is something to interest everyone!

Our Venue

Scotland’s only accredited FIA and MSA approved venue! With extensive and ongoing investment in our facilities we are able to provide new and exciting experiences and racing events that are rivalled by no other. Our famous 1.3 mile long circuit, hillside rally stage, 4x4 off road track, 500m outdoor Karting circuit, Skid Pan, 2 restaurants and conferencing facilities form our unique venue.

Our Team

One of our finest assets and always a hot topic with our customers! We strive to provide the best possible experience and our skilled team plays the most important part in delivering this. Everyone is friendly, approachable, correctly qualified and passionate about their role at Knockhill. From our ground staff, instructors, directors and sales team, we look forward to welcoming you to Knockhill.