Drive a Rally Car
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My husband bought me a rally experience at Knockhill and it was amazing. I have always wanted to do it and it did not disappoint. The instructors were great and the experience itself left me smiling from ear to ear.

Vicky - Glasgow | TripAdvisor Sept 17
Rally Experiences

Rally Driving Experiences

The thrill of rally driving is like nothing you will have experienced before, as soon as you get behind the wheel you will appreciate the unique set of driving skills required to successfully drive 'sideyways'.

Our top team of instructors are by your side to help you master over-steer, weight transfer and handbrake turns. Your custom built rally spec Ford Zetec boasts 150bhp, is fitted with roll-cages, safety harnesses and offers a hydraulic handbrake to help with all those tight turns. Keep the revs high and feel every bump and vibration as you hurtle towards the next bend!