Skid Control Course for 2

Skid Control Course for 2

Deal Price: £199 - SAVE £71

Potentially lifesaving and lots of fun. Many drivers first experience the unnerving sensation of a skid out driving on the road in their own car; this might result in an accident or the driver losing control.


Your Skid Control Experience for 2 drivers

Everything at Knockhill is built with driving in mind and as an internationally accredited circuit safety is always our number one priority. We believe everyone should have some knowledge of how to control your vehicle in changing conditions. Whether you have just passed your test or been driving for many years you never know when you may be in a situation when your car will be involved in a skidding situation. Let us help you to confidently drive in wet and slippy road conditions including ice and aquaplaning.

  • Welcome and safety briefing
  • Demonstration drive by your instructor
  • Hands on training on the skid pan
  • Practical driving on the 'brake & avoid' lane

Visiting time approximately 2 hours | Available weekdays and weekend days | Both drivers must book in to the same date and timeslot.

SAVE £71

Skid for 2


Weekdays and Weekends

Valid 12 months

Full Package Price: £270

#Genuine Offer from Scotland's ONLY FIA, SACU and Motorsport UK approved racing venue.

Skid Control Experience
Skid Control Experience
Skid Control Experience

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Skid Control Car

Skid Control Cars

We use various models of cars including front wheel and rear wheel drive cars to simulate true to everyday life road driving scenarios. All help to encourage and develop driving skills. Learn about ABS, brake avoidance and different skidding consequences in our fully adapted vehicles.

Front & Rear

Wheel Drive


Manual Transmission

The Track

Knockhill Racing Circuit is Scotland’s only approved MSA and FIA Internationally graded Circuit and is famous for hosting major televised motorsport events such as the British Touring Car and the British Superbike Championships.

Skid Pan

The skid pan was built in 1997 and since opening has helped our customers regain to their confidence after an accident or simply given them valuable knowledge on how to handle their car if something goes wrong. The skid pan is a safe and enclosed area coated with a special smooth tarmac surface; adding a recirculating water supply creates the 'Slippery' surface allowing a skid to be induced with ease. In 2007 we introduced the Brake and Avoidance Lane allowing further development of a vital part of skid correction training.

Knockhill Racing Circuit
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