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15 Mon Apr 2024 by Knockhill

As Knockhill Racing Circuit celebrates its 50th anniversary, the Knockhill Motor Sports Club are delighted to announce a fabulous package of race day filming that will take the KMSC racers to a global audience. All five car KMSC championship Sunday race days will have the Scottish Legends, ModSports and Super Lap Scotland filmed as well as the July KMSC bike race meeting and the unique Knockhill 50th Anniversary Festival in September.

Knockhill KMSC

Extended Programmes

Each race day Knockhill produced 60-second sound-bite highlights edit produced on the day of the event for the Knockhill social and YouTube channels but the widespread coverage will be through a bespoke 48-minute programme that will be broadcast UK and worldwide. 

The extended programmes, voiced by leading UK commentator Duncan Vincient and produced by leading motorsport filming team BeckSport Media, they will be shown on MotorsportUK TV, AYOZAT TV (available on SKY & Freeview) and MotoRRacing (available on all Samsung Connected TVs throughout UK, and Samsung mobile phones through the Samsung TVPlus App). MotoRRacing will also offer coverage over US & Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, India) with around 5 million plus Samsung connected TVs in the UK and 15 million plus on mobile phones.

Exposure opportunity for our racers

Programmes will be shown approximately one month after each race meeting with broadcast dates and times shared ahead of airing via all the Knockhill and KMSC channels. Stuart Gray, Knockhill Director and Chairman of KMSC said “We are excited to offer this exposure opportunity for our racers and provide them and their sponsors to be seen by a vast audience. Racers always like to perform in front of race fans but by adding TV cameras and world-wide exposure, it gives the chance for racers to show their talents on a whole new level”. 

“We are also delighted to be showing a mix of cars and bikes this year but especially filming our 50th anniversary event in September which is a bike meeting, 50 years to the day, since Knockhill held its first bike meeting on the 22nd of September 1974. It will be a true documentary and action packed record of how far the Circuit has come in those 50 years”

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