Skid Control Course - SAVE £30

Daylight hours may be stretching but winter is still lingering with the weather largely damp and overcast, night temperatures can drop several degrees below freezing making those early morning outings in the car tricky!

This fabulous offer gives you the chance to learn some new driving skills that will be invaluable all year round

Potentially lifesaving and a lot of fun! Whether you have only just passed your test or been driving for years you never know when you may be in a situation when your car starts to skid. Driving on a skid- pan is the only safe way to understand and feel the car at and beyond its limits, and is also great fun! These new skills will help you when driving in wet road conditions, skidding on black ice or even aquaplaning.

  • Group welcome and safety briefing
  • Demo drive by your instructor
  • Hands on Skid training on the skid pan
  • Practical driving on the break & avoid lane
  • Debrief with driver critique and certificate
  • Available weekdays & weekends

Visiting time approx. 2 hours

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