Ali McMillan talks Super Touring with DuncV


Touring Cars are a bit of a passion for MJ Racing’s Alistair McMillan, as is restoring classic cars. So, that in part, probably sums up why Ali is so attached to his Nissan Primera Super Tourer – the ex Ivan Capelli car.

“If you look at the car’s history, it wasn’t overly successful, a lot of DNF and DNS to its name. Over the years, I’ve managed to iron out all the little niggles and now have it working right.”

Uniquely the car is 4-wheel drive – the only one of its type to the best of Ali’s knowledge. However, the power ratio to the front and rear wheels is somewhat skewed – with 80% or the drive going to the rear and only 20% to the front. The engine position has also been moved further back into the car; which probably sums up the Super Touring era to a tee. Massive amounts of money spent on the cars – no expense spared to secure those final tenths of a second that meant wins and podiums in arguably the toughest fought era of the British Touring Car Championship. Well paid, top class, drivers racing hammer-and-tongs in state of the art machinery… sounds good even now doesn’t it?

Ali’s also a bit of a stalwart of the David Leslie Super Touring events at Knockhill since its inception 3 years ago. He’s a regular on the grid and also regularly brings along a number of show cars for fans to enjoy including the Redstone Focus.

As well as Super Touring Car racing this weekend, we’ll have a full supporting programme of Scottish Championship racing from the likes of Formula Ford, Mini Coopers, Legends, Fiesta/BMW, Classic and Saloons & Sports Cars. Saturday will see qualifying from 1.30pm, with racing scheduled to start around 3.30pm. Sunday will see a full schedule of racing from early doors to around 5.30pm.

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