Sponsorship Troubles for Scots Racers

Spoke with Oli Mortimer, current British Mini champ having dominated the series last year after winning back-to-back titles in Scotland. You’d expect on the back of national success that he’d be a dead cert to move further through the racing ranks and develop his career further. You couldn’t be further from the truth.

“We’ve just no money left,” the Edinburgh racer explained. “It’s tough to accept, but at the moment it looks like being a season where dad and I turn our heads towards gathering sponsorship for 2009. “Of course it’s disappointing, but I’m not the only racer in Scotland struggling to find backing. There just seems so little money coming into the sport from major companies. To be honest, given the coverage they could achieve on one of my cars I would hope we can clinch something good for next season.” In the meantime, Oli will fine tune his skills behind a Legend in the Scottish Championship in a deal involving Legend ace Ally Hunter and the Scottish Motor Racing Club.

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