David Leslie Tribute

The world of motorsport was shocked at the accident that claimed the life of Scottish Motor Racing star, David Leslie. David had been involved with Scotland and Knockhill for almost 30 years and even based his business here, together with his father, David. 

We all paid tribute to David at the recent British GT Meeting, with a demonstration of his Nissan Primera and Honda Accord, during the lunch break.  Many letters, emails and cards have been received following the tribute with none so moving as one from David Tremayne, David’s long time friend, who wrote: “Nothing has moved me so profoundly as did the guard of honour and the lone piper as Anthony drove the Nissan out of the pits.  To know that the people of Knockhill conceived that is to understand the love they felt for David, and for his family.”

Truth be said, it was the least we could do for such a great friend.

Still photography by Power-Images

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