Scots BTCC team seals green Seat Leon deal

Scots racing team Clyde Valley Racing have taken a significant step closer towards debuting in the British Touring Car Championship next year by securing the first of two Seat Leons they will run in the series.

“We’ve secured the first Leon and we’re on schedule to take delivery of it by December 22,” Glasgow-based team boss Colin Neill stated today. “We are also in the process of obtaining the first engine and hope to take delivery of this before the car. 

“If all goes well, we’ll have our No1 driver Dan Eaves shaking down the car before Christmas, which will be a fantastic boost to the team.”

Unlike the diesel-powered Seat Leons which won a series of BTCC races this season — including at Knockhill — the Clyde Valley Racing cars will use petrol engines. However the team has also confirmed the car will run on E85 biofuel (85% bioethanol, 15% petrol). 


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