Boogie ‘v’ Arlene Driving Challenge at Knockhill

Radio Forth’s popular breakfast show team ‘Boogie and Arlene’ are at Knockhill today – 26th November to settle an age old argument… Who is better at driving – THE BOYS or THE GIRLS?

The duo have been recruiting listeners of the breakfast show all week to help them win a specially designed driving challenge.  Each team of 5 males and 5 females will be competing on the racing track , on the rally stage and skid pan, there is also a special Ferrari driving challenge for Boogie and Arlene themselves and a Teen Drive challenge for 2 chosen 13-16 year olds!  Who do you think will score the highest and take home the driving challenge trophy?  Check back later for more news and pictures and remember to tune into the show in the morning to hear the winning side brag about their victory!

One thought on “Boogie ‘v’ Arlene Driving Challenge at Knockhill

  1. What a great day…the boys versus the girls with Boogie and Dingo. The Boys Team up against Arlenes Girls Team. Such was the interest, we even had avid listeners dropping in to see the action which included Boogie head to head with Arlene in the Ferrari 360 and Dingo being matched against Knockhill MD Jillian Shedden for the single seater driving.

    The final TeenDrive part happens on Saturday, then all will be revealled next week, so be sure to tune in…its going to be close!!

    Stuart Gray….Driving Challenge Organiser!!

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