Bumper time at British Drifting Championships

A great day was had by (almost) all of the competitors yesterday at the final round of the British Drifting Championships as it went to the final run of the grand final to determine who was champion. A great event which drew a really enthusiastic crowd who appreciate this extreme form of motor sport.


Unfortunately a  few spectators went away with some “souvenirs” of the cars as 4 bumpers were taken from the leading drivers. We are sure that as the bumpers had fallen off during the heat of the battles, and that the spectators thought they were “trophies” to be taken, however, the Teams want them back! If you took a bumper, please return it to Knockhill and we can arrange to have it collected. We know that during the enthusiasm for the event, items can be seen as a souvenir, but the bumpers are required by the Teams for their next event.

We would appreciate them being returned.

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