Hot Hatch Car Trackday – Sunday 18th November 10am – 4pm

This Sunday we are running the penultimate Hot Hatch Car Trackday of the year! REMEMBER it’s our winter timings of 10am – 4pm on track. Registration and gates open from 9am. There’s also a FREE Drag and Drift competition during the lunch break.

Changes to Track Driving Sessions  

We’ve had lots of feedback regarding the difference in speeds/types of cars on Hot Hatch days. From this Sunday we are going to try the following groups: 

Road Car Session up to 180bhp

Track Car Session up to 180bhp

Road Car Session over 181bhp

Track Car Session Over 181bhp

We agree with the feedback and feel that this split will make the sessions more enjoyable for all drivers. , All those who have up to 180bhp are on track together and those with much more powerful will be on track together too.

You will be allocated to your session at the sign on in the morning. Please advise the team as to the power of your car at sign-on.

Remember the winter Hot Hatch days are normally quieter than the summer events meaning less sessions running throughout the day, although the day is slightly shorter your track time should remain the same, if not more!


The next Hot Hatch day is a REVERSE DIRECTION on Sunday 16th December!

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