Race or Rally??Decisions Decisions – This Fantastic festive offer @ £149


A true festive treat! This super choice voucher allows you to choose either a Racing Car Experience or Rally Experience, has weekdays and weekend availability and is valid for 5 months. You can be confident which ever experience they choose you will have picked the perfect Christmas Gift!

Prepare yourself to drive a REAL racing car that is Quick! Slick and delivers an awesome driving experience like no other! Sitting just inches from Scotland’s famous international racing circuit you will feel every camber and every vibration. Powered by a fiery motorcycle engine and seamless sequential gear changes your racing car is easy to master and you will go quicker and quicker with every lap around the track. Driving these cars is highly addictive!
Your visit –
Welcome and group briefing
Tuition session driving a sporty saloon
Demonstration drive by your instructor
Racing Car track driving session – 7 solo laps
Debrief with driver feedback ,certificate and awards
Approx 2.5 Hour Visiting Time
Rally Experience
Time to forget everything you have ever been taught about driving and get ready to learn the art of driving sideyways! Driving in a straight line is boring and definitely not allowed out on our specialist hillside rally stage. Expert Rally instructors will help you master the effects of weight transfer and oversteer from the driver seat of your fully Rally prepared Subaru Impreza Turbo. Hang on to your hat and watch the grit fly!
Your visit –
Welcome and briefing
Rally driving training session
Advanced Rally driving session
Assessment Rally stage with pace notes
High speed passenger demo stage
Debrief with driver feedback, certificate and awards
Approx 2.5 Hour Visiting Time
This experience voucher is valid for 5 months and available for weekdays and Weekends.