Ex Nelson Piquet – Benetton F1 car to appear on track this weekend

A Benetton B190 Formula One car, driven by Nelson Piquet, will be on track this weekend at Modified Live. Piquet drove the car in the 1990 Formula One Championship, finishing third behind Alain Prost (2nd) and Ayrton Senna (1st), with Piquet also claiming victory at the Japanese and Australian Grand Prix.

The rear wheel drive, naturally aspirated, V8 engined brute boasts 650bhp and a hefty 3,498cc ; which should be more than enough to give the unofficial Knockhill lap record a run for its money. Joining the Benetton on track will also be a Japanese Formula Nippon race car.

Here’s an on-board video with Nelson Piquet during the 1990 Imola Grand Prix.

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