Fiesta Rally cars set for debut!

New Fiesta Rally cars are prepped and ready for their debuts tomorrow. For a shakedown we sent some of the office staff out for a run and here’s what they had to say:


Tracey – Our new Fiesta Zetec rally car is utterly fantastic. The Knockhill rally stage is perfect with its tight twists and turns and the hydraulic handbrake is an added bonus to help you round the bends as quick as possible.

Carrie – Amazing, they handle so well. Like being in a big go-kart. Can’t wait to have another go!

Morag – I loved the Subarus, but the Fiestas really impressed me, they’re nippy round the upgraded rally track – which offers faster speeds and longer sections to blast along – whilst the tight corners are where you get to have fun on the hydraulic handbrake to get round the corner sideways! When do I get to go out again?

Fancy a go, then here’s a link to all the courses available!

Rally Driving Experiences