Super Tourers return to Knockhill in September

Our 2016 Events Calendar is almost complete. We’re still working away in the background to add potentially one more event to the line up for next year.


However, today we are delighted to announce that 2016 will see the return of the Super Touring Car Championship to Knockhill on 10/11 September. It’s been high on the agenda for a number of Knockhill fans for a number of years and we’re all really excited by the prospect of seeing iconic Super Tourers being put through their paces around the twists and dips of Knockhill; and not just in demo mode either. Aside from the mouth-watering prospect of seeing some of the most iconic BTCC cars on the planet at Knockhill, the Super Touring chargers will also be supported by a plethora of Touring Cars from the 80s and 90s. This isn’t a demonstration weekend – it will be full-on racing the likes of which will hark back to the ‘golden era’ of Touring Car Racing.

SuperTouringAd2BlogWe’d also like to give you a quick reminder that the Season Pass prices are set to rise tomorrow (1st December); so make the most of the remainder of today and grab a 2016 Season Pass at the cheapest price.

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Additionally, on our Facebook page, we are giving away 2 free sets of family tickets (2 x adult and 2 x conc.) to the 11th September raceday. And to win, all you need to do is share the post and we’ll chose one lucky winner to win a set of Super Touring / SMRC tickets. The second set will be reserved for one person chosen from those who post their own Super Touring picture as a comment.

Two ways to win, one great event, and all at Knockhill in 2016.

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