Super Lap Scotland | 2016 Driver Previews


2016 Driver Previews | David Greenan

David Greenan joined the Super Lap Scotland field in 2015 with his Honda Civic EG SiR and showed good potential across the year. He is planning to come back even stronger in 2016 with number of developments to his car as well as his driving performance.  The SLS Team are eager to see how David progresses as we recently caught up with him on his 2016 campaign!

David said; “After having a fantastic time doing SLS in 2015 in Class D I will be looking at improving my times with a revised, more powerful and reliable engine format. This should see me move up into Class C so the competition will certainly be there for me. Some training with Rory will be required for personal improvement too. If last season’s SLS is anything to go by this season will be one to watch!” 

Name:                  David Greenan

Age:                       33

Car:                        Honda Civic EG SiR

Class:                    C

Power:                WHP TBC

Weight:               1100 kg TBC

Spec:                     K-Series 2.4L, Cams, Motec M130 ECU, Motec C125 Dash, Jackson Racing Supercharger, Merc Racing Supercharge Aftercooler, Pace Products Dry Sump, Quaife 5-Speed Sequential Gearbox with Flat Shift, Intrax 1K2 Suspension, T45 Cage, AP Racing Brakes.

History:                Various track days at Knockhill for around 10 years and competed in SLS 2015.

Sponsors:            Clark Motorsport, H-Tune, Momentum Motorsport


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