The Edinburgh Watch Company partners Super Lap Scotland

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We are proud to announce that the Edinburgh Watch Company Limited have joined Super Lap Scotland as series sponsors in 2016. With this new partnership our competitors will now have the opportunity to win “The Edinburgh Watch Company Perfect Lap Award”!! This will be given to the driver who hooks up all three timing sectors in sequence on their Fastest Lap in Qualifying, creating their Perfect Lap!! A feat that requires great skill, control and nerve, and believe it or not, it’s actually very hard to achieve! We will be announcing the design of the trophy very shortly and we look forward to seeing our first award winners on the 22nd /23rd May. We would like to send our thanks to the Edinburgh Watch Company Founder Jonathan Gilbert (pictured with SLS Coordinator Rory Butcher).
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*In the scenario whereby more than one driver scores their best three sectors on their fastest Qualifying Lap, then the driver who’s 2nd fastest lap is closest to their best will take the award.