A thank you note from America!

Thank you!

Good day. My name is Scott and I am from the USA, and I had the good fortune to visit your wonderful facility today.

As I was touring Scotland by car, I randomly came upon the road to Knockhill circuit. It was pure luck as I simply chose my route out of thin air. I find that it pays to travel whichever way the wind blows me, and this just proves me right. I am a mad petrol head and couldn’t think of a better place to happen by. Once I realized where I was I parked at the nearest layby to wait until morning on the off chance that the gate would be open and I could just get a look at the famous circuit. Little did I know what the morning had in store for me.

I am a huge fan of the BTCC, which has produced some of the finest wheel to wheel action ever, plus shows like the old Fifth Gear with Tiff Needell and Jason Plato, and have seen many races and car show segments featuring Knockhill. (Sorry Gordon, but I was a fan of Plato in the old Chevy Cruze days before I was a fan of yours!)
No no, I really just said that hoping to provoke a response from the man himself! I am a huge fan of Gordon and Matt. And this year looks to be even better. Thank you, Gordon, for the autograph.

Everyone there was so nice, helpful, and generous. I am embarrassed to say that I forgot the name of the lovely lady who greeted me and arranged my tour around the facility, and got me an autograph from Gordon, and got Graham to take me for a few laps of the track. Though I cannot remember her name, her face is etched in my memory. My wonderful day at the facility was all thanks to her. It is my hope that someone responds to me and reminds me who my benefactor was.

I was also duly impressed with Graham’s skill and knowledge of the track and of the Honda. Fingertips. Graham gave me more time and attention than was due.

I would also like to extend thanks to Chris at the kart track. It was so generous of him to give me so many laps. It really rounded out my morning to drive the kart on slicks on a damp track. A formidable challenge, indeed. He was even nice enough to label my lap times “respectable for the conditions”, though I know he or Graham would have thrashed me properly. Even though I couldn’t get any time on the proper track, I can still say I drove at Knockhill.

While I couldn’t thrash it round the track there at Knockhill, I promise you all that in the spirit of a true racer at heart I made up for it in the stunning scenery and on the mind blowing roads of Cairngorms in my excellent Jaguar hire car. Let’s just say that all four tires were off the ground more than once over the odd blind crest.

Thanks to my morning at Knockhill and beyond, Scotland will forever remain a special place in my heart.
I very much hope to return someday.

Very much sincerely yours,