Freebie Friday & Deeks Deals with Dunc, Deek and Del

Our resident head elf (Dunc) talks us through the latest instalment of the Freebie Friday saga at Knockhill. Only this time, he’s accompanied by resident pranksters and all-round good guys – Little Del and Big Deek.

There’s a few things to discuss on this latest Freebie Friday at Knockhill… or just watch the video, it will be faster lol.

1. Deek and Del will be selecting the next ten winners off the ‘Nice List’ tonight a 8pm. There’s been a slight delay as Deek and Del have been busy plotting their latest Knockhill Website takeover “DEEK’S DEALS” – we’ll talk about that next. Anyway, make sure you sign up for the Freebie Friday Nice List for your chance to win one of 8 Sliver and 2 Red Envelopes heading out in the post very soon.

Sign up here!


2. Additionally, while Deek and Del select the next Freebie Friday winners… they’ll also be launching Deek’s Deals. Basically a whole host of Special Offers akin to the Black Friday deals we ran a few weeks back. So, if you missed them, make sure you check out the website at 8pm tonight (

3. Christmas Jumper Day at Knockhill on Friday 15th December. For those of you coming to do the Racing Car Experience – wear your best Xmas jumper and we’ll give you a FREE ticket to a Scottish Championship race event in 2018. Additionally, for the best JUMPER, we’ll take all your accompanying guests on a few hot laps of the Knockhill Track as a special festive bonus. Also on this day, we have FIVE spaces left for the Racing Car Experience which we are flogging at an ELFtastic price. So, to join us, with your Xmas jumper of course, call 01383 723337 now to get booked in.

Remember, Freebie Friday will be taking place throughout December, so sign up now as there are still 30 envelopes to be sent out from now until Christmas.


Dunc, Del and Deek