Rockstar Energy Chase Series Round 2


The final action of the June double-header was our 2018 Rockstar Energy Chase Series – Round 2. Which saw entries from five of the seven SLS Championship classes excluding representatives from classes A and C.

Much like SLS itself, the Rockstar Energy Chase Series aims to equalize the performance disparity between competing cars to give each individual driver, regardless of class, the chance of winning the Chase Series trophies. Drivers race to the chequered flag for a traditional 1-2-3 across the line, however, the underlying aim is to get near to or faster than the target time for your particular class. After the race ends, each driver’s aggregate time is calculated and the order is rearranged with the drivers with the least difference between the target time and the total race time taking the 1-2-3 podium positions overall.

This time around, David Long (Pro) took the on the road victory ahead of William Robson (B) and Keith Cowie (B). Now that sounds pretty straight forward, but because SLS is all about the lap time, when you take into account the target time Vs the total time the order changes significantly. Instead of a Pro car taking the win, which would be the likely scenario in any form of motorsport given the advantage in power, aero and performance of a more powerful car compared to a less powered vehicle; but, with the aggregate times taken into consideration we actually see a Class F car (the least powerful) take the win.

So, the aggregate race result sees Yumen Lai (F – 7.7sec off his target time) take the win ahead of Michael Foster (E – 11.703s) and William Robson (B – 18.722s) off his target time; and the on-the-road victor, David Long finishes the race back in 7th position (Pro – 24.396s) off his target time.

The next round of the Rockstar Energy Chase Series takes place this weekend (Sunday 22nd July). Tickets to the event can be pre-booked online via our event webpage. Alternatively, tickets will also be available on the day at the gate.

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