Free-wheeling with Rory Butcher Racing

So, we were thinking of ideas on how to convey just how steep the Knockhill track is given that you don’t quite get the scale of the dips and drops when you see it on tv.

So, we thought, we’ll get a tyre – kindly donated by the BTCC title sponsor Dunlop –  and roll it down Duffus Dip (ten-pin bowling style).

“That should give people an indication of how steep the drop actually is with the speed it generates on the tyre, and I’m sure they did it at one of the MotoGP tracks to illustrate the same thing,” commented Circuit Manager, Alan Brunton.


As with most ideas at Knockhill, a few other people stick their tuppence worth in and before your know it, we were going bobsledding in a Circuit Honda Civic Type R (in neutral of course), with BTCC ace Rory Butcher as the team lead. What could go wrong and just how far do you think we could free wheel a car around Knockhill to?

That’s right, all the way out to Clark Corner. Starting from a measly 3mph, rising to 41mph (all under the car’s own steam) on the approach to the Knockhill Chicane… amazing really.

However, we are extremely glad that:

A. We returned the car in one piece
B. No BTCC drivers were harmed in the making of this video.

They drivers don’t call Knockhill a rollercoaster ride for nothing… hopefully our little experiment will show the true nature of the dips and climbs of Knockhill.

And, if you want to see it for real, when 32 Touring Cars are racing hammer-and-tongs on those same twists and dips; head along this weekend for the most thrilling car racing event we’ll host this year.

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