Stock Cars and Drifting return to Knockhill – for one special night only!

3rd annual Knockhill Fireworks Festival on Saturday 3rd November has moved up several gears in entertainment and action with the return of Stock Cars and Drifting to the event. The new format will start at 2pm with a bevvy of motorsport action and entertainment and even a world stunt champion will entertain the family crowd at our hairpin arena before the finale of fireworks at 6pm.

Within a bevvy of motor sport disciplines will be demo races of Formula 2 and Stock Rod Stock Cars from our friends at Cowdenbeath. They will be on track twice during the action filled afternoon as we head into darkness and the finale fireworks.

stock cars f2

Also on the cast list of entertainment are a selection of Scotland’s leading drift drivers showing off their sideways drifting as made famous in the likes of the Fast and Furious films. So in the skies will be filled with fireworks smoke and on track it’s tyres that will be smoking to provide a truly senses filled spectacle .


Tickets are on sale now at only £8 in advanced, £5 for concessions and under 12s and parking are free. Tickets can also be purchased on the day at the gate at £10 and £6 for 4 hours of motor sport entertainment and a fireworks show that will have double the fireworks of 2017!

Its a fantastic spectacle of fuel-filled entertainment on track and in the skies!