Super Lap Scotland announces plans for 2019 season

Super Lap Scotland have just announced their 2019 plans and Starter Pack which will  provide with ample time to prepare for the new season.

This comprehensive information document breaks down the series into bite size chunks making getting involved that much easier. Here’s what’s included:

✅Explanations of how SLS and the Rockstar Chase Series work and how to get involved;
✅2019 Class Structure, schedule and entry fees;
✅Licence Information;
✅Timing transponder info;
✅A breakdown of the championship technical and safety regulations;
✅Championship contacts.

Each year we reflect on the season past and use feedback from our competitors to fine tune the championship for the following year. We have made some small changes for 2019 and these are highlighted below:

▪️The number of rounds have increased from 6-8;
▪️We will likely host our first ever away round at Croft Circuit on May 19th;
▪️Power tests will now be measured at the flywheel (previously wheel horsepower) and the class structure has been adjusted to accommodate this. We have also aligned Class C with the MSA Race National B licence border for car racing, so that it is easy to understand what licence you require to compete in the Rockstar Chase Series (G-C = Race National B and B-Pro = Race National A);
▪️Class G and the Retro Class are now confirmed for 2019;
▪️Competitors from Classes G-A (Modified Production & Modified Specialist Cars S.12, and Sports Libre S.14) can now use tyres from List 1c as well as 1A and 1B. Road Going Production & Road Going Specialist & Standard Cars (S.11) must only use List 1A or 1B as these tyres are road legal. This new rule better aligns with the Rockstar Chase Series and SMRC championships that use the 1C tyre list and will stop drivers with racing cars having to purchase different sets of tyres for each series. Click this link to view the 2018 tyre lists:…/196-208commonregulationsforpermitte…

Please download our 2019 Starter Pack via the link below or view the Facebook note that we have just launched:…/2019-SLS-Starter-Pack.pdf

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