BSB predictions winners selected

It’s 2-wheeled-Tuesday today, and earlier this month we gave you the chance to win some BSB tickets to the Knockhill round this year during the weekend of 28-30 June.


Thanks for all your answers on social media and via email. We’ve complied a list of the most common answers to our questions; and picked out a few ticket winners from a number of our social media channels.

Champion – Most think it will be between Josh Brookes and Glenn Irwin this year for the BSB title.

Best Newcomer – Most popular choice was Scott Redding

Looking forward to seeing – Scott Redding or Tarran Mackenzie were the most popular choices.

We’ve messaged the winners today, who’ll all win a pair of BSB tickets for Sunday 30th June, thanks again for playing. And, stay tuned for more BSB giveaways as we head into the new season.

BSB event tickets can be pre-booked via the following link.

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