Sir Chris Hoy tackles Knockhill

It’s not often we have a six times Olympic Champion and Scottish TV personality at the track on the same day. Never mind giving them our AV equipment to conduct an exclusive interview in the pit-lane.

But that’s exactly what happened today when Sir Chris Hoy and Dougie Vipond attended the Leven Car Company trackday to launch the official Caterham dealership for Scotland.

Sir Chris is a big fan of the Caterham brand, having raced and owned the diminutive sports car for a number of years. Whilst, Dougie acts as a brand ambassador for the Edinburgh based dealership, in amongst his TV commitments, and also enjoyed a few laps as a passenger with Hoy at the wheel. Our own, Rory Butcher was also performing some passenger ride duties behind the wheel of a stunning Aston Martin throughout the afternoon.

We’ve tried on countless occasions to entice Sir Chris Hoy to the track ever since he retired from cycling to embark on a motorsports career, to no avail however, so we are delight he’s finally tackled the twists and dips of Knockhill and here’s what he had to say about it:

“I’ve driven tracks all around the country and indeed the world, but never at Knockhill. Everyone kept telling me to drive Knockhill, and it’s well overdue, but now that I have driven it… what an amazing circuit it is.

“The change in elevation, the twisty tight sections and the drop off heading into the first corner… what an awesome track.”

The Leven Car Company have recently been appointed with the Caterham franchise for Scotland, and given his experience with cars and motorsport links, Hoy was the perfect foil for today’s launch.

You can find out more information about Leven Car Company and their appointment as Caterham dealers in Scotland via their official website.

A massive thanks to Dougie for fronting the interview and of course Sir Chris Hoy for taking a few moments to talk.

It’s a funny old place is Knockhill, you just never know who you’ll stumble across on any average day.