Car racing at SLS events expanded for 2020

The organisers of SLS are pleased to be expanding the opportunities for drivers to race within the KMSC organised events in 2020. Up to now existing SLS competitors could only do a single “Chase Race” on each event Sunday, however, this has been expanded so they can race on both days within the second of a new two race format on each event day.  Entries for the new two races format are expected to be from racers who want to concentrate on racing giving them the chance to race twice each day with a simplified class structure mirroring SuperLap Scotland power to weight classes.

Additionally cars eligible for the SMRC Scottish Super Sports Championship can enter on an invitational basis (two races per event day) in a series of trophy races that will happen on all seven event days alongside the current Scottish BMW Compact Cup.

Stuart Gray, Chairman of SLS and KMSC said “We are delighted to be welcoming the potential of additional saloon and sports car racers to join in our new racing format. With the classes all on track together we shall see some big grids for 2020.This will be exciting for all drivers, whichever end of the grid they are at, and be a welcome and awesome sight for the spectators too. In addition, we are pleased to be seeing the return of a number of visiting rounds as well which will add further to the racing spectacle with the Junior Saloon Car Championship in May, the DDMC Saloons and Sports Cars in August and the undoubted highlight event of the year being the SMRC organised Scottish Saloon Car Festival in July that features all the SMRC championships, SLS, our new racing format, the HSCC Dunlop Saloon Car Cup and Modified Fords, all on the one weekend.

Registration will be opening soon and entries taken for the events from the start of March onwards.