Knockhill Activity Update: 1st June 2020

We’re delighted to announce that in line with the government’s easing of restrictions, Knockhill will resume some socially distant activity at the end of June.

Here’s Knockhill Managing Director Jillian Shedden to outline the latest plans:

To summarise, some Knockhill staff will return to work on Monday 8th June, to answer calls and enquiries regarding your bookings. Knockhill Trackday activity will resume, with Saturday 27th June being our first planned socially distant activity. We’ll continue to operate car and bike Trackdays throughout July and we’ll make further announcements regarding all the new measures in place to ensure your and our staff’s safety in the coming days.

Driving Experiences, Events and Karting remain postponed for the time being, however, we anticipate more announcements in the coming days and weeks surrounding these activities. We also expect to make an announcement surrounding the British Superbike Championship event, scheduled for the weekend of 10/11/12 July, this week sometime.

Please bear in mind that our team will not be at full capacity from the 8th June and that your telephone enquiries may take longer than normal to be answered. Please extend the patience you have shown us so far to the staff returning to work at the beginning of June.

For all those that have had Trackday bookings cancelled in the past few months, we’ll be holding back spaces in upcoming Trackdays in order that you can use those credits you have accrued or to reschedule your bookings to a future date.

Please note, that we’re working hard behind the scenes to get a revised schedule together for all Knockhill activities and as soon as we know more concrete dates, we will announce them. In the meantime, please stay safe and we look forward to welcoming some 2 and 4 wheel action back to Knockhill in the near future.

Jillian Shedden