Knockhill Season Pass Update

Firstly we’d like to tank all of our Season Pass holders for their patience so far, allowing us enough time to build a system to deal with all the 2020 season pass eligibility. Moving forward, we are pleased to offer current 2020 Season Pass holders three options regarding their 2020 passes.

Pass holders will receive a letter or an email depending on which data we hold for you in the post over the next day or so. Please keep an eye on your mail and your email inboxes (including spam) for correspondence from us.

The options are as follows.

Option 1:

your 2020 season pass over to 2021. You will also receive access to all the events this year (coronavirus crowd guidelines and pass type permitting). i.e. 2Wheels – remaining bike events of 2020, 4Wheels – remaining car events of 2020 and Gold – all events on the 2020 revised schedule.

Please Note: There is no additional charge for this option. Simply enjoy this season and next season for the same price that you have already paid. Call it a thank you for being a loyal fan of Knockhill.

Option 2:

You longer require access to your pass for this year and would like to request a full refund. (Please post your Season Pass back to us with a note of your name, address and telephone number, we will then contact you to action your refund.)

Option 3:

Keep your pass for this year, and receive a part refund against all the postponed events (we’ll be announcing the new 2020 calendar later, but your email and letter will show the provisional dates).

Please see below the proposed refund format.

Gold Passes – Adult passes receive £70 refund.
Gold Passes – Concession passes receive £40 refund.
4Wheel – Adult passes receive £45 refund
4Wheel – Concession passes receive £30 refund
2Wheel – Adult passes receive £36.50 refund
2Wheel – Concession passes receive £23 refund

Thanks again for all your support and patience over the past months. We look forward to seeing you at Knockhill in the very near future.