The Legends Master

By day he’s a Bus Driver, but sometimes he’s The Legends Master

David Smithyman is just a regular guy. He has an electric saloon car which he drives to and back from work as a bus driver. But, underneath that cool and collected exterior, there’s a thrill seeking driving enthusiast just waiting to burst out.

David, is just like many customers we get at Knockhill, guys and girls who fancy doing something a bit different. The difference with David is… he’s been back more than most. It’s sometimes assumed that once you’ve done places like Knockhill…. they are done! But not in David’s case… indeed David is part of a small club at Knockhill who come back time and time again to do our Driving Experiences.

David, has chalked up an incredible 48 visits to Knockhill… his first going back to 2012 to do the Legends Experience. Over the years David’s completed numerous courses including the Race Cars, Ferrari, Lotus and Performance Drives until eventually settling on the Legends Unlimited Experience as his go to choice of entertainment at Knockhill.

He’s done this course 32 times to be exact… David’s been that often that he now skips the formalities of the drivers briefing, the in-car tuition and demonstration laps, and simply heads out onto track as soon as he gets here. It’s almost like David comes to drive the Legend in the way that you would drive your Dad’s car after passing your driving test.

“Dad, can I borrow the car today?”

“Sure thing kid, the keys are in the

Seems like a farfetched story… but it’s true. So, with that in mind we caught up with David on his latest visit to find out what exactly brings him back to Knockhill time after time.

David is fast in a Legend, after completing more that 1000 laps in the little pocket rocket you’d think he’d want to get into racing or something. But even that’s not true, he simply loves to drive these cars on track for his own pleasure and entertainment… a hobby if you will.

So, if you are ever at a loose end and want to fill your day with an exciting activity that you can take on at your own pace… then give our team a call. We’ve got lots of choice, lots of experience and lots of great feedback from customers about how much fun a day at Knockhill can be.

Just ask David!

Fancy trying the Legends Unlimited Experience at Knockhill? You can find out more about the course via the following link.

Legends Unlimited Experience