World Champion Co Drivers coming to the McRae Rally Challenge!

We are thrilled and excited that 4 World Champion co drivers will be attending the McRae Rally Challenge on July 2nd & 3rd and two of them are taking part in the event! Derek Ringer, the 1995 co driver for Colin McRae is flying in from Spain to be our guest and arch rival Luis Moya is also flying in to partner fellow World Champion Stig Blomqvist in the event itself.

In addition, Phil Mills will be partnering Gwyndaf Evans in the main event and Tina Thorner, Louise Aitken Walkers co driver is coming and will be partnering Louise as they demo two of the cars that they made famous during their illustrious careers. In addition, Nicky Grist will be attending as our guest and Ian Grindrod will be taking part in the event with a star driver at the wheel – more details to follow.

The event is run over two days, 10 stages and 40 competition miles, with a maximum 80 entry to be announced shortly which includes the rallying debut of Olympian Sir Chris How among a bevvy of Scottish, British, World and Ladies champions, it is one of the highest profile rally events ever scene in Scotland.

To buy tickets, see the event webpage with a start time of 9am each day, running through to around 5.30pm