Wedding horns blast at Knockhill wedding

Knockhill saw another first at its Ford Live Trackday and Show today (Sunday 30th August), as two of its guests tied the knot on track. Steven Goldie, a current Scottish BMW Compact Cup racer, wed Cheryl Docherty, a West of Scotland Ford enthusiast, in front of 250 invited guests and a bumper Knockhill crowd.


It’s the first time a wedding has taken place on the 1.27mile track, despite the venue hosting two previous weddings. Interestingly enough, the wedding planner was none other than British GT driver Rory Butcher.

“I don’t know about the bride and groom, but I certainly had butterflies in my stomach before the wedding took place. To be honest, I felt more pressure today than I do strapped inside my 180 mph Aston Martin racing car.

“Needless to say, I’m delighted for both Cheryl and Steven, and I’m sure everyone at Knockhill wishes them many happy years together,” said Butcher.


Talks of a honeymoon, where quickly quashed by Steven as he stated:

“Any honeymoon will need to wait to the end of the racing season!”

Knockhill Events Director, Stuart Gray said:

“It’s not everyday we get asked to host a wedding. It’s only been a handful of times in my many years at the track. That said, I think Rory has done a terrific job and should further enquiries come in, Rory will be the official liaison.

“Finally, to the new Mr and Mrs Goldie, many happy returns form Knockhill; and thanks for sharing such a special day with us.”

After the lunchtime ceremony, the happy couple then joined their guests in the Knockhill pit lane to enjoy some refreshments and Pork/Buffalo burgers. They’ll now be fast-tracking it all the way to the registry office behind the wheel of Steven’s competition-ready BMW Compact racer.

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